Belt for John Deere JS63 lawnmower

Q. I need a belt for my 15-year-old John Deere JS63 Walk behind self propelled lawnmower. Do you know the part number and price for this?

A. The belt you need for your John Deere JS63 walk behind lawnmower is part number JDGC00081 and it costs $10.99. This belt for your JS38 lawnmower is available for purchase online or you can call the store if you would like.

John Deere 110 Hood

Q. I am attempting to locate a hood for my John Deere 110 Lawn and Garden Tractor which was purchased in July 1974. Could you give me a price on a replacement and tell me how I can obtain it? Thanks.

A. I have found the hood you are looking for to fit your John Deere 110 Lawn and Garden Tractor. The part number is AM31656 and the cost is $280.00. There would be no shipping charge because your item is over $75.  This hood can be ordered online or by calling us directly so we can place the order.

JD105 Lawnmower Replacement Blades

Q. I have a JD105 lawnmower that I purchased 3 years ago. Last year I replaced the blades and ever since then, grass will not go up the shoot into the grass catcher. I’ve checked the installation for correct install and they are installed properly. I want to purchase blades but I want genuine JD blades.

A. We recommend that you get a High Lift Blade Kit for your JD105 lawnmower which comes with 6 blades for the different types of bagging. The part number for this kit is JDAM141034 and it is $49.99, or you can just get the basic blade for your JD105 lawnmower and that part number is JDGX22151. The individual blades cost $18.99 each, and for your JD105 lawnmower you would need to order two blades.  If you would like to order this blade kit or individual blades please feel free to call us at 1-800-255-4054 or you can put the order through on our website.

STX38 Riding Mower Parts

Q. My husband just purchased a John Deere 1989 STX 38 riding mower, which is in pristine condition. The former owner only used it once, and it has been in storage ever since. A new battery was recently purchased, but everything else appears to be in perfect condition. I was just wondering whether you continue to stock parts for a mower this old, and, if so, how long will you continue to do so?

A. There are many common parts that would still be available for your John Deere STX38 riding mower such as filters and blades, however there may be less common parts that are no longer available. The less demand there is for a part for your STX38 mower the more likely it is that it will be discontinued.

John Deere STX38 Starter

Q. I have a 16-year-old John Deere STX38 lawn tractor. It has 13 HP Kolher engine and manual transmission. I need a starter. What would be the price for this and delivery?

A. I looked into the starter for your STX38, the part you will need for this lawn tractor is part number AM132818 and price is $196.52. This starter for your STX38 lawn tractor would ship for free since it is over $75. After placing your order this part should ship in 3-5 business days.

John Deere Parts Orders

Q. I am thinking of ordering a John Deere part and I need it as soon as possible. How long will I have to wait?

A. Many times the John Deere part you order will be in stock and will ship within a day of receiving the order.  If the part is not in stock it typically takes us about 2 business days to receive John Deere parts. Once we receive your part from John Deere it will be shipped out the same day.

The History of John Deere

The History of John DeereDeere & Company products have been known to be high-quality, even from the very beginning.  John Deere himself said “I will never put my name on a product that does not have in it the best that is in me.”  John Deere was born on February 7, 1804 in Rutland, Vermont.  After later moving to Grand Detour, Illinois, Deere found work as a blacksmith.  It is believed that through the practice of sharpening needles by running them through sand, Deere discovered that a steel plow could better handle the conditions of the prairie. Deere built on this concept by creating his first steel plow in 1938 from an old saw blade, and within a couple of years was selling as many as 100 plows each year.

For a short time, Deere partnered with Leonard Andrus.  This only lasted until 1948, however, because each man was too stubborn to work with the other.  After ending the partnership, Deere moved to Moline, Illinois and began to sell products out of his factory.  John Deere’s plow became known as “The Plow that Broke the Plains,” because it worked much better on the Midwest’s tough soil than other plows of its time.  The business adopted the name “Deere & Company” in 1868, just a few years after receiving its first patents in 1864 and 1865.  However, it was not until 1912 that Deere & Company came to be how we know it today.

During the Great Depression, the company still managed to continue production.  During this time, the Model A and B tractors were introduced, becoming the two most popular models in the history of John Deere. These models would continue to remain part of the product line until 1952.  Throughout the ’50s and ’60s, Deere introduced several new innovative products, including the Model M tractor (which would lead to Deere’s construction and forestry businesses), the No. 8 Cotton Picker, and the 14T Baler, which, for the first time, made haying a one-man job.

Still going strong in the 1960s, John Deere not only opened new factories worldwide, but also released new products for the average consumer. Building on this success, the tagline “Nothing Runs Like a Deere” was created in the early ’70s to advertise snowmobiles.  Over the next couple of decades, factories in China and India opened. In recent years, John Deere has released even more products with higher standards than ever, setting John Deere’s innovative, efficient, and advanced tractors apart from competitors.

The History of John Deere

John Deere Spark Plug Maintenance

For smooth and efficient running, your John Deere’s spark plug must be maintained.  To complete the following steps you will need a wrench with spark plug socket and feeler gauge.

  • make sure engine is cool and key is removed
  • remove spark plug wire
  • use spark plug socket to remove spark plug
  • discard foul plug and install a new one (if dirty, cracked, and/or broken)
  • use operator’s manual to adjust new plug gap
  • tighten the spark plug in place and reattach the spark plug wire

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