How to Tune Up Your John Deere Lawn Mower

How to Tune Up Your John Deere Lawn Mower

Excited to start up your John Deere lawn mower but want to make sure it’s in peak condition before taking on your yard? We’re here to get you started! Use our checklist below to tune up your John Deere Lawn Mower and make sure it performs exceptionally all season long.

1. Tune Up Your John Deere Lawn Mower: Drain Old Fuel and Change the Oil

Typically, fuel should be drained from your John Deere lawn mower before putting it into winter storage each year, but if there is any leftover fuel from last season left in the tank, make sure you drain it now. Because old fuel can separate into deposits and clog the carburetor, it is possible that you will discover some damage as you inspect your mower (if you find that any parts have been damaged, you can search for replacement parts here). Next, change the oil to help ensure engine longevity and better performance.

2. Tune Up Your John Deere Lawn Mower: Clean or Replace the Air Filter

Depending on what type of air filter you have, you can boost performance by cleaning or replacing the filter. Foam filters can be washed with hot water and dish soap, while paper filters should be replaced once they are no longer usable. To determine if your paper filter is in working condition, remove it from your mower, tap off excess dust, and hold it up to a bright light. If the light shines through the filter, it is clean enough to put back on your mower. If you cannot see any light, the filter is dirty and should be replaced.

3.  Tune Up Your John Deere Lawn Mower: Change the Spark Plug

Ideally, spark plugs should be replaced each year or after 100 hours of use, whichever comes first. Although spark plugs rarely go bad, they are good indicators of underlying engine problems and as a result should always be taken care of. Use a crescent wrench or pair of vise grips to turn the metal base and remove the spark plug, then place a few drops of oil into the open cylinder. Start the engine a few times to coat inside valves, then replace your old spark plug with a new one. Remember to use the same part number, as there are many types of spark plugs available as you work with different equipment (click here to find spark plugs).

4. Tune Up Your John Deere Lawn Mower: Sharpen Blades

Sharp blades can make a huge difference in cut quality. Check blades for excessive dents, chips, or wearing that could have an impact on mowing performance, and sharpen or replace depending on severity of damage.

5. Tune Up Your John Deere Lawn Mower: Double-Check Bolts, Wheels, Cables, and Belts

Finally, inspect your John Deere for any loose bolts, worn cables or belts, or damaged wheels. Tighten, repair, and replace as needed to help avoid future problems that could pop up later in the mowing season (click here to find parts by illustrated diagram).

Paying attention to these important tips can help you stay on top of your John Deere lawn mower maintenance and enhance the quality of your lawn all season. For questions about replacement parts, you can contact us here. Best of luck, and let the mowing begin!

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4 Summer Lawn Care Must Haves

Summer Lawn Care Must Haves-[Green Parts Direct]Whether you own multiple acres of land or live on a small lot, there’s one thing that unites all John Deere owners—the desire to have a great-looking lawn. Keeping up with a perfect yard may seem like a daunting task, but with the right tools, it’s easy to make your lawn stand out in a great way. To learn more, check out our four must-haves for top-notch summer lawn care:

Summer Lawn Care Must Have #1: A Sharp Lawn Mower Blade

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: keeping a sharp blade on your John Deere mower is essential to maintaining a healthy lawn. Mowing with a dull or chipped blade can result in torn grass, brown patches, and an uneven lawn height—things that affect not only the look of your lawn, but also its physical condition. To avoid problems, make sure to regularly sharpen or replace your lawn mower blade for peak performance (Click here to shop John Deere lawn mower blades).

Summer Lawn Care Must Have #2: A Maneuverable Line Trimmer

A line trimmer can help you reach small tufts of grass that are difficult to cut with a lawn mower. Use a trimmer around fences, swing sets, and other obstacles to keep messy-looking overgrowth from dominating your yard (Click to find parts for your John Deere trimmer).

Summer Lawn Care Must Have #3: A Quality Edger

If you’re looking for a quick way to make your lawn stand out, use an edger along sidewalks, driveways, and patios. An edger will create clean, professional-looking borders and leave your neighbors thinking you hired a landscaping crew (Find edger parts here).

Summer Lawn Care Must Have #4: A Powerful Lawn & Leaf Blower

Clean-up is a necessary part of any project—yard work included. Once you’re done cutting your lawn, use a lawn and leaf blower to remove grass clippings and other organic debris from paths and walkways. This will save time on sweeping and make your finished achievements look effortless (Locate lawn and leaf blower parts here).

For questions on selecting the right parts for your equipment, comment below or contact us here.

About Green-Parts-Direct stocks a wide inventory of parts for John Deere power equipment. Our comprehensive parts selection allows us to provide quick response times and help you confidently find the parts you need.

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Charles Deere: The Man Behind John Deere’s Commercial Success

Green Parts Direct - Charles DeereSure, you’ve heard of John Deere, the name behind the famous brand many have come to know and love. But do you know about the other Deere who was responsible for the company’s successful growth before and during the turn of the 20th century? That man, otherwise referred to as John Deere’s son, was better known as Charles Deere.

John Deere’s second son, Charles Deere, was born in 1837, the same year that John Deere created his trademark self-cleaning plow from an old steel saw blade. Although this coincidence may now seem like an omen to the contributions Charles Deere would one day make to the company, the Deere family did not initially plan for Charles to assume a management role. In fact, it was John Deere’s eldest son, Francis Albert, who planned to one day take over the family business. That all changed, however, when Francis unexpectedly died during a flu outbreak at age 18. Assuming his older brother’s role, Charles Deere attended business school and in 1854, began working at his father’s company.

A natural at bookkeeping, Charles Deere advanced quickly in managing the company’s finances and soon moved on to become head of sales. In this role, Charles combined his knack for business with an extensive knowledge of plows to demonstrate equipment and win over new customers.

After years of prosperity under Charles’ direction, the Deere business hit a rough patch during the “Panic of 1857.” During this time, many businesses faced economic hardship—and the Deere business was no exception. Faced with overspending in production and manufacturing costs, John Deere turned company leadership over to Charles, who used his know-how to guide finances in the right direction. This overhaul included reorganizing the business into a partnership called John Deere & Company, which John Deere and Charles Deere shared equally with colleagues Luke Hemenway and David Bugbee. This strategy allowed the Deeres to manage more money within the family, avoiding personal bankruptcy in the event that something should happen to the business.

To ensure future success of John Deere & Company, Charles Deere remained in a leadership role even though his father held on to the official title of company president. It was under Charles’ management that the company continued to prosper, giving birth to new branch houses across the country. Through his father’s death in 1886 until his own passing in 1907, Charles Deere also helped expand a product line that included over 300 models of plows and other various types of farm equipment. Today, Deere & Company continues to serve customers in agricultural and landscaping professions, providing quality products that deliver superior results.

About Green-Parts-Direct stocks a wide inventory of parts for John Deere power equipment. Our comprehensive parts selection allows us to provide quick response times and help you confidently find the parts you need.

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Charles Deere

John Deere Air Filter Maintenance

Your John Deere Mower’s air filter will need to be replaced at least once a year.  This will ensure that your mower will continue to run to the best of its ability.  Follow these steps to keep your mower it tip-top shape:

  • use your hand and a brush to clear the intake screen
  • make sure to do the cleaning when the engine is cold
  • check the air filter’s paper element
  • if dirty, remove and discard (it cannot be cleaned)
  • if foam pre-cleaner is dirty, rinse in warm water and liquid soap
  • squeeze excess water and then gently squeeze in dry towel until dry
  • clean pre-cleaner’s area and then reinstall
  • insert new air filter and cover (read operator’s manual for help)

Belt for John Deere JS63 lawnmower

Q. I need a belt for my 15-year-old John Deere JS63 Walk behind self propelled lawnmower. Do you know the part number and price for this?

A. The belt you need for your John Deere JS63 walk behind lawnmower is part number JDGC00081 and it costs $10.99. This belt for your JS38 lawnmower is available for purchase online or you can call the store if you would like.

John Deere 110 Hood

Q. I am attempting to locate a hood for my John Deere 110 Lawn and Garden Tractor which was purchased in July 1974. Could you give me a price on a replacement and tell me how I can obtain it? Thanks.

A. I have found the hood you are looking for to fit your John Deere 110 Lawn and Garden Tractor. The part number is AM31656 and the cost is $280.00. There would be no shipping charge because your item is over $75.  This hood can be ordered online or by calling us directly so we can place the order.

JD105 Lawnmower Replacement Blades

Q. I have a JD105 lawnmower that I purchased 3 years ago. Last year I replaced the blades and ever since then, grass will not go up the shoot into the grass catcher. I’ve checked the installation for correct install and they are installed properly. I want to purchase blades but I want genuine JD blades.

A. We recommend that you get a High Lift Blade Kit for your JD105 lawnmower which comes with 6 blades for the different types of bagging. The part number for this kit is JDAM141034 and it is $49.99, or you can just get the basic blade for your JD105 lawnmower and that part number is JDGX22151. The individual blades cost $18.99 each, and for your JD105 lawnmower you would need to order two blades.  If you would like to order this blade kit or individual blades please feel free to call us at 1-800-255-4054 or you can put the order through on our website.

STX38 Riding Mower Parts

Q. My husband just purchased a John Deere 1989 STX 38 riding mower, which is in pristine condition. The former owner only used it once, and it has been in storage ever since. A new battery was recently purchased, but everything else appears to be in perfect condition. I was just wondering whether you continue to stock parts for a mower this old, and, if so, how long will you continue to do so?

A. There are many common parts that would still be available for your John Deere STX38 riding mower such as filters and blades, however there may be less common parts that are no longer available. The less demand there is for a part for your STX38 mower the more likely it is that it will be discontinued.

John Deere STX38 Starter

Q. I have a 16-year-old John Deere STX38 lawn tractor. It has 13 HP Kolher engine and manual transmission. I need a starter. What would be the price for this and delivery?

A. I looked into the starter for your STX38, the part you will need for this lawn tractor is part number AM132818 and price is $196.52. This starter for your STX38 lawn tractor would ship for free since it is over $75. After placing your order this part should ship in 3-5 business days.

John Deere Parts Orders

Q. I am thinking of ordering a John Deere part and I need it as soon as possible. How long will I have to wait?

A. Many times the John Deere part you order will be in stock and will ship within a day of receiving the order.  If the part is not in stock it typically takes us about 2 business days to receive John Deere parts. Once we receive your part from John Deere it will be shipped out the same day.