JD105 Lawnmower Replacement Blades

Q. I have a JD105 lawnmower that I purchased 3 years ago. Last year I replaced the blades and ever since then, grass will not go up the shoot into the grass catcher. I've checked the installation for correct install and they are installed properly. I want to purchase blades but I want genuine JD blades.

A. We recommend that you get a High Lift Blade Kit for your JD105 lawnmower which comes with 6 blades for the different types of bagging. The part number for this kit is JDAM141034 and it is $49.99, or you can just get the basic blade for your JD105 lawnmower and that part number is JDGX22151. The individual blades cost $18.99 each, and for your JD105 lawnmower you would need to order two blades.  If you would like to order this blade kit or individual blades please feel free to call us at 1-800-255-4054 or you can put the order through on our website.

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